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Kedarnathan Subramanian


Kedarnathan established the ashram in 2017 as a way to share a contemplative lifestyle of daily meditation, prayer and selfless service with like-minded souls. He offers spiritual direction and counselling to those in need. He also organises ashram activities with the intent of creating and maintaining the healthiest environment for all to unfold together on all levels : physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. 


He is a karma sannyasi, a “modern” version of the traditional monastic yogis, belonging to the Indian Shankaracharya Swami order. Karma Sannyasis are a type of renunciant/monk who are ordained to live in the world while using every aspect of life as a way to deeply heal and transform themselves while sharing the light of the spiritual path with seekers. 


He holds various professional certifications such as 500h yoga teacher training (hatha, raja, kundalini, iyengar), Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Post-Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neurosemantics, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Massage therapy, Energy Psychology, traditional chinese medicine… 


His lifestyle is one of simplicity, humility, compassion and self-less service, involving certain forms of austerity, daily hours in meditation, while remaining as deeply human, vulnerable, fallible and relatable as one can be. 


His main karma yoga responsibilities on site consist of : 

- Ashram management; improving the structure and making sure everything flows

- Handyman; performing and teaching various manual tasks on site. 

- Assisting Karma Yogis in their spiritual progress and practice


Rajesh Mohana Sundaram

Rajesh has recently arrived from India and joined the Ashram (February 2023). He is still adapting to the culture and the ways of the West. He is presently learning French through the Quebec Government’s part time study program. 


He holds a masters in social work and worked and lived in India, Dubai and Singapore. Has has lived in many Ashrams in india; completing a 6 months purohit (hindu priest) training with Chinmaya Mission in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 500h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, 3 months training in Vedanta Philosophy with Arsha Vidhya Gurukkulam in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and a Karma Yoga Certification in Sivananda Ashram, Trivandrum, Kerala. 


He has recently discovered a passion for cats and loves to learn about other people, their values, life experience, cultures and spirituality. 


Rajesh will help you settle in the ashram and make sure you are comfortable and well cared for. He will also guide and assist you in some of the Karma Yoga work tasks.

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