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Karma Yoga: is selfless service, or "seva." In its broadest sense, karma yoga is spiritualized action. It is doing each and every task consciously, selflessly, excellently, as an offering to the Divine. Satguru Yogaswami advised devotees, “Whatever work you have to do, do it well. That in itself is yoga.” Work done in this spirit is a form of worship. Doing our ordinary daily duties becomes a powerful sadhana that contributes to our spiritual progress. This yoga makes us more focused, effective and fulfilled.


At Siva Ashram, Karma yoga is an important part of our daily life. Everyday we have around 3-4hours of Karma yoga, where we are assigned a task for the day. As we do our task, we try to surrender to God all of the work being done, and to let the Divine be the receiver of the fruits of our actions, learning true selfless service. Since we live as a community, selfless service is an important part of living in coherence with each other and building this energy of divine love in the sangam. Even more than this, karma yoga is a strong means in building a connection with the Divine and realizing that God is the only actor and that the work being done by you is actually His work being done through you. In this way, karma yoga can help you to see the truth of what God is, and that he is all. He is the giver, he is the receiver, he is the actor and the acted.

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