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New Monasticism exploration Program

Take a sabbatical and come live as a monk in an ashram ... Is this for you ? 

Travelling, volunteering, escaping into an ashram, a quiet place with peaceful and loving people who meditate do yoga, sing and pray daily – perhaps these are your dreams. If you are thinking to take a break from your working life or student life, why not spend time at the ashram and help us further build and develop our peace loving community ?


Are you looking to :

  • avoid burn-out

  • become part of a heart centred spiritual group

  • deepen your connection with God

  • recollect and slow yourself down

  • get a clearer vision of what to do with the rest of your life

  • further your Yoga and meditation practices

  • Explore Hindu philosophy and practices

  • volunteer and do service for a spiritual cause

  • feel the urge to embark on the quest of self-study

  • want to use your Sabbatical for intensive life changing Retreat


if so... Siva Ashram might be good choice !

The Ashram is located in a fully forested area in Saint-Calixte, 60 km north of Montréal. Our ashram consists of a group of  karma yogi, volunteers like you taking time off from their obligations to take care of themselves as well as monks and a few resident karma yogi dedicated to the spiritual path who are developing and supporting the ashram as their service to God. 


The word "Ashram" stands for a hermitage, a place of spiritual practices or a monastery, we’re a bit of all this.


Goals of the program

We are offering this intensive sadhana and karma yoga program to give you a chance to be part of our community and benefit from the healing vibes that we cultivate through our contemplative lifestyle.


The goal of this program is to offer you the possibility to recharge your batteries by sharing a mindful lifestyle.


Our days mainly consist of meditation, hindu and interfaith prayer, self-less service (about 3.5h/ day of volunteer work), mindful self-care (time off) and spiritual talks exploring various aspects of the Hindu philosophy and practices (prayer, karma, dharma, reincarnation, devotional singing etc.). To help everyone work out their personal karma, we also organize personal development workshops on most week.


The program is ongoing, ideally you would come and stay for 2 to 6 months. But we will take time to talk about this before you join and during your stay.


We provide accommodation (private or shared rooms or cabins or camping in the summer; tents can be provided), vegan meals (community breakfast, lunch, and dinner), as well as Wi-Fi and laundry room access. 

You will also get to experience:


  • Building your meditation practice up to 2 hours per day

  • Learning various pranayama (breathing) techniques

  • Exploring interspiritual philosophy (Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, ...)

  • Introduction to cleansing sadhana of fasting, noble silence, and vasana daha tantra (burning emotional garbage)

  • Deepen your connection with God in his many forms and names through hindu and interfaith prayer, meditation, singing and rituals.

  • Learning and growing from sharing the lifestyle of yogis and other karma yogis living here




Benefits of the 2-6 months karma yoga sabbatical :


  • You are in a safe and protected environment with like-minded people

  • Healthy, vegan meals are cooked for you and shelter is provided

  • You experience and live yoga and spirituality 24/7

  • There is time for contemplation, for going within and concentrating on higher values

  • Many participants undergo deep and profound spiritual and personal experiences

  • Karma yoga opens your heart and a helps you to develop a strong connection to the divine

  • You get personal advice and guidance from experienced yogis and monks

  • The combination of karma yoga and intense spiritual practice can lead to enhanced progress on your spiritual path


Prices for the karma yoga sabbatical Program : 


There is no fee associated with this program, just your enthusiasm and dedication to the yogic lifestyle and interest do dive in the Hindu faith and philosophy during your stay. 


Who can partake of a Sabbatical at Siva Ashram?


Anyone who needs time off and wishes to tune to the yogic way of life is welcome. Our ashram and monastery is a non-profit religious organisation that provides a rich environment for deep contemplation and a quest for meaning. Here you’ll find silence, strength and clarity. An ashram is a refuge for people who are searching for the deeper meaning of existence and want to retreat from the market values of modern society. It is a safe harbour for people to embark on a quest for the higher reality of existence. 


To maintain a high vibration, it is important for participants as well as residents to maintain certain basic rules:


  • vegetarian diet: No meat or fish during your stay (eggs are available but never included in group meals)

  • No alcohol, no recreational drugs, no tobacco

  • Regular attendance at meditation and satsang

  • Willingness to carry out different types of work as service and spiritual practice for 3.5h per day; helping out wherever necessary

  • Inner flexibility and open-mindedness

  • Deep interest in spiritual work and using your time out as a quest for meaning

  • Service to humanity

  • Mindfulness in dealing with fellow beings



Preparing for your Sabbatical


If your longing to take time off has become intense and you are ready to act, plan carefully to make the most of your adventure.


Talk to your employer: it is usually a good idea to announce your intention, so your employer can plan for someone to fill the gap.

Be aware that dropping out of work and into the unknown means a major change in your life – as well as a probable loss of income.

Talk to your family and friends: find out who will support you, who will take care of your flat, your mail etc. Does your family agree with your undertaking or are there objections to address before coming?

Although our program is free and all inclusive, which makes it quite affordable, do plan how you will take care of your maintenance during your time away so you can focus on the eternal present moment during your stay: check your finances and ensure there is enough to cover the basics while your away.

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