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What is Karma yoga ?


In an ashram everything is made into a spiritual practice. Karma yoga is the art of making our work a spiritual practice. Karma yoga is learning how to accomplish things in the material world without getting caught in stress, attachment and emotional upheavals that come with identifying with our work and the result of it, all the while working on our spiritual unfoldment as we learn to improve our character, work through our own karma and developing a solid foundation to be able stay cool when facing life’s challenges.


To give you a quick idea of the concept, here’s a list of affirmations we use to keep us on track.


  • I offer all my work to the Divine within me, within others and beyond.

  • I act selflessly, detached from the results. I focus on serving, helping, giving and surrendering egotistical urges.


  • I do my best. I make my work a worthy offering, completing it as perfectly as I can. Then I stop, review what I did, and make it even better.


  • I am industrious. I stretch my capacities to overcome lethargy, fatigue, confusion and doubt. I remember to breathe.


  • I stay above the fray. I refrain from disagreements, criticism of others, cynicism, blame and other base emotions.


  • I stay focused. I am centered in the now, not thinking of other concerns. I pause between tasks and renew my yoga.


  • I align my will with the divine will. I am rooted in an awareness of the divine presence within and around me. I see the world as perfect.


  • I enjoy the effort. I am positive, free of worry. I relax; I take my time. I am happy and radiate blessings to the world.

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