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As part of our commitment to Spiritual Transformation we include tools derived from the field of Neurolinguistic Programming to helps us work through our Shadow Material and create more efficient neurological pathways to States of Transcendence and Contemplation. 


NLP gives us insights into the structure of our subjectivity, and allows us to gradually reshape our emotionnal responses to life, develop flexibility, and Grow Up. 

While spiritual paths and practices are most concerned with waking up, t is essential that we also learn how to actively Grow Up as human beings. Most people who come to the spiritual path bring along with them an certain amount of emotionnal burden which they haven't been able to process and are hoping to transcend through spiritual practices. While establishing yourself in the observer perspective and feeling a connection with God will help you get perspective and distance, it usually doesn't sort out the core of the issue very actively. As a result, when you are faced with trigerring situation, you might revert to the same old emotinnal reactions.. this is what we use NLP for. To help you also get to the core of your emotionnal burdens and establish your growing spiritual ressources there too. 

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