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Karma Yoga


Aidez nous à grandir !

What is the team of volunteers like?

Our team is made up of travelers who found us through We're a multi-cultural, multi-lingual community with a love for learning. We're eco-friendly, vegan and gluten-free, and are really a small family. We accept volunteers from every walk of life- young, old, deeply spiritual, or new to the concept of spirituality. To us, it doesn't matter where you come from, just that you're willing to try our lifestyle. We're also a very active group as well, taking frequent trips to hike, swim, and do other outdoor activities in the area. 

What are the requirements?

In order to volunteer, you must be able to stay a minimum of one month. (However, we prefer for our team members to stay longer, around 6-12 months). You also need to resonate with our spiritual ideologies, at the very least being interested in learning more about them. It wouldn't be very good for the group energy to have someone opposed to our way of life, and we care very deeply about group harmony.

What amenities are provided?

You'll be able to stay in one of the following: a small bedroom in the main house, a two-person tiny house, a three-person trailer home, or one of a few large camping tents set up in the woods near the main house (if you stay here in the spring or summer, when it's quite warm here). We provide sheets, pillow and a bath towel. We do not provide personal care products such as soap, toothpaste etc. You'll have unlimited wifi access and you can use our laundry as much as you need. If you need anything else, just ask we might be able to provide it too.

What kind of work is involved?

  • Maintaining the flow of the Les Pieds Sur Terre business, which is to clean and maintain the cabins on a regular basis, interact with customers, and keep stock filled of toilet paper, sheets and blankets, firewood, and woodchips for the dry toilets. 

  • New construction projects, including two new cabins for the business, as well as a new yoga hall for the ashram. For this, much construction work is needed. Not all volunteers are expected to help with this, but if you're able to help, it would be much appreciated.

  • Feeding the animals: the mini horse, donkey, ducks, chicken, pigs, and cats.

  • Cooking daily meals: for breakfast we usually eat Indian pongal, a rice dish similar to oatmeal, which is prepared in a pressure cooker before morning rituals, so not much cooking is required for that. For lunch and dinner, though, we often need 1-2 people working to prepare anywhere from 5-12 plates of food, depending on the size of our team. We often eat low-fat Indian, Asian, and Mexican-inspired dishes, so it's usually pretty easy to find a recipe online if you just type in "vegan + Indian + (whatever ingredients we have)."

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