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What is 

New Monasticism ?

Good question. It’s not about trying to be pious and dressing up in long habits. It is about responding to a calling of the soul for a deeper, more meaningful way of life. There are many different expressions of new monasticism most of them are shaped around these four commitments:

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1. A commitment to a
Rhythm of Daily Life

This means shaping the day to find a balance of prayer, work, rest, meals and study…and agreeing to share that rhythm together.

2. A commitment to
Contemplative Forms of Prayer and Meditation

Monastics have always prioritized prayer and sought to deepen their awareness of God’s presence through contemplation and meditation on the Scriptures. (Bear in mind that we’re not a silent community – there are times for being joyfully noisy, and for enjoying exuberant praise and worship too!)


3. A commitment to
Spiritual Practices and Radical Community

Spiritual practices are the habits we choose to practice which help us grow Spiritually. (e.g. daily meditation, communal prayers, periods of silence, fasting and feasting). Radical community means making ourselves vulnerable and accountable to one another within an agreed Way of Life.

4. A commitment to
Selfless Loving Service as an Individual and as a Community

This hardly needs explaining, but it does need saying because people often imagine that monasticism is inward looking and out of touch with the real world. In new monasticism, people are exploring ways of balancing action and contemplation believing that deep communion with God and Self-realization leads us to greater actions and contribution in the world.


(Adapted from the Community of the Tree of Life, UK)

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